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The Banshee is a sniper, SWAT, Corrections Special Operations, etc.  rifle available in multiple calibers: .223, .308, .300 Winchester, .338 Lapua, and other calibers available upon request.

What advantages does the Banshee have?

  • Stainless steel match grade barrels are built by one of the top barrel companies in the world, PacNor
  • Precision single stage 2lb., compared to our competition that have dual-stage 8-12lb. triggers
  • Teflon or ceramic coated metal works for increased durability and wear
  • Bolt action with precision oversized tactical bolt knob, is fluted and uses a M-16 style extractor
  • Banshee has a fully adjustable fiberglass stock so more than one team member can use it. The Banshee Classic has a 13-1/2” M40 Style fiberglass stock
  • Guaranteed accuracy of half MOA with precision ammo

What is the accuracy of the Banshee?

Accuracy out to 600 yards is sub two inches.

How long was the development process for the rifle?

MG Arms has been building custom bolt-action rifles for over 35 years. A bolt action long-range tactical rifle was a natural progression from MG Arms hunting rifle product line. 

What is the barrel twist rate and the # of lands and groves and why did you choose this.

The free floating barrel is a Match Grade stainless steel design from Pac Nor. It has five lands and grooves and twist rate will vary among caliber and customer request.

Do you make a left-handed option?


Is the rifle suppressor ready?


Is there a muzzle break?

Yes, at customers request we can create a removable muzzle break.

What other options are available to the customer?

We offer different calibers, different barrel lengths, and customer choice of finishes and colors. The Banshee can be set up for night vision optics.

MG Arms proudly stands behind each firearm they engineer. Enclosed with each MG Arms firearm is our Infinity Guarantee. You, our customer, can anticipate 100% satisfaction and complete assurance of quality and reliability with your purchase of our product. The Infinity Guarantee solely covers an MG Arms firearm, not only the original owner. No other firearms maker can offer more than this simple, no-nonsense statement by MG Arms, Inc. to their customers.

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