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The Behemoth is a semi .50 BMG rifle manufactured to reflect the highest quality and accuracy of its type in the world.

Why is it more accurate than the competition?

Our barrel is fixed in a stainless steel receiver that is incredibly robust. It simply doesn’t move. Our competitor’s barrel is mounted on rollers that wear and cause loss of accuracy. Our gun was designed from the get go with accuracy and simplicity in mind. We have shot less than three inch groups at 600 yards. Our quality of design has also eliminated 85% of the recoil.

How long was the development process for the rifle?

MG Arms has been working on and off for three years to get the rifle to a condition we feel is safe, accurate with modern features.

What are the applications for the Behemoth?

It has applications for SWAT, Corrections Special Operations, Terrorism Task Force, Coast Guard, Border Patrol, Port Authority for, i.e. certain hostage situations, jail/prison riots, attempted prison escapes, disabling vehicles, drones, boats, helicopters, planes, providing the ability to accurately shoot through think glass (prison cells, interior, exterior windows).

What is the barrel twist rate and the # of lands and groves and why did you choose this.

The free floating barrel is a Match Grade stainless steel design from Pac Nor. It has three lands and grooves with a fifteen twist. Long-range competition shooters recommended this barrel. We are shooting excellent groups with it.

How is the gas system broken down and cleaned and at what frequency?

By removing the two pins on the gas block positioner breaks down the gas system. Slide the positioner forward then slide the gas block forward and remove the complete system. We clean it every time we shoot. It isn't required but some of the old ammo is really nasty and take down takes but a few seconds.

What is each of the three setting on the gas system for?

The first setting is for less powerful loads. The second setting is for the most powerful loads and the third setting is if the gas system gets really dirty and for whatever reason you aren't able to stop and clean it.

Can the bolt carrier-cocking handle be moved from one side to the other by the user?

Yes. One customer ordered one on each side. The safety is designed to go safe for either right or left-handed shooters. Simply remove the pin and turn it around.

The top cover is an aluminum casting, the trigger housing is aluminum and the trigger/hammer support frame inside it, and I think the front hand guard is aluminum.  I assume this was to save weight.  What kind of aluminum is it?

Yes for weight savings. The material is T-6 aluminum; as is all aluminum on this rifle. We are also looking to composite materials for the forearm.

Is the bolt carrier a steel casting, forged or milled from a solid bar?

The bolt is 4130 heat treated to 45 RC. It is made from billet.

What kind of finish is on this gun, PTFE or ceramic?  What the difference?

We offer several finishes. The standard is ceramic. The main difference between PTFE and ceramic is the hardness with ceramic being harder. All our rifles are extremely durable to withstand frequent handling.

Is the super eliminator muzzle brake of your own design?

Yes the muzzle brake for the production model is our own design.

What other options are available to the customer?

Several types of finishes as well as a bi-pod are offered. We offer several different bi-pods. Scopes of various kinds and a folding stock are also available.

Is there a bipod strong enough to handle the weight and inertia of this rifle during firing?

Yes there are several military bi-pods out there. We are working with GGG on their new large caliber bi-pod at this time and our sample is working fine. The gun you have is equipped with a M240B bi-pod.

MG Arms proudly stands behind each firearm they engineer. Enclosed with each MG Arms firearm is our Infinity Guarantee. You, our customer, can anticipate 100% satisfaction and complete assurance of quality and reliability with your purchase of our product. The Infinity Guarantee solely covers an MG Arms firearm, not only the original owner. No other firearms maker can offer more than this simple, no-nonsense statement by MG Arms, Inc. to their customers.

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