Why Should You Have a Custom Rifle?

The other day I was getting a spray in bed liner installed in my new F-150.  I was also deciding on a new exhaust system and a computer chip to pick up a few extra horsepower.  This is the same as having your rifle customized or a Custom Rifle made.  Sure, the factory Ford F-150 is good but I want to make a few improvements to make it the way I want it and you can do the same to your rifle.
Some reasons for owning a custom rifle for most shooters is that they shoot better, they fit better or it is lighter or it comes in a caliber that they can’t get in a factory rifle.  These are all good reasons, let’s discuss a few:  
First, a custom rifle shoots better; this is true in most cases.  Custom rifle makers will use match grade quality barrels and take the time to square up the action and fit the stock better than the factory can.  But how much more accurate is a custom rifle?  A good custom rifle will out shoot a good factory rifle by about ½ inch or so at 100 yards.  How much does that matter if you are hunting in East Texas where a long shot is 100 yards or even in South Texas where you might have to shoot 300 or 400 yards, that ½ inch difference means very little in these particular hunting situations.  But, when shooting at long distances or through adverse conditions, that same ½ inch means a great deal. 
The fit of a custom rifle is better.  A custom rifle maker takes the time to fit a customer to the rifle; you will have a rifle that fits like a glove.  When you shoulder that custom rifle, there is no distraction due to feel or fit, therefore resulting in no hesitation in your shooting ability.  However, you can take your factory rifle and have the same work done. You can change the length of pull with just a recoil pad which costs about $100 or you can change the complete stock and have all parts fit to you and have it painted unique to your taste. This can cost upwards of $700 which is still inexpensive when compared to the price of a custom rifle. 
Custom rifles can be made lighter than factory rifles.  This is true but there are some very light factory rifles on the market now.  Both Remington and Weatherby make rifles which weigh less than 6 pounds.  Custom Ultra-Light rifle makers can build rifles which weigh less than 5 pounds.  But, if I am just hunting Whitetail deer in Texas, do I need a super light rifle?  If I am a serious hunter traveling the world, I think saving a pound might be worth the extra $2000 dollars to have a Custom Rifle made just for me.
You can get the caliber you want in a custom rifle which is not available in a factory rifle. This is true but how much difference is there between a 280 Remington and a 280 Ackley Improved caliber?  I could get a 7mm Rem. Mag. which can out perform both.  If you look at the caliber thing logically, you will find that the factory will make a standard caliber which will work just as well or be a good compromise. 
The real reason to have a Custom Rifle made is because YOU WANT ONE!  This is America and we are an Independent breed.  We are fortunate to be able to have what we want and what we need anytime of the day or night!  A Custom Rifle can be made to the shooters individual taste.  The sky is the limit as long as your wallet can handle it.  You can have the stock fit made perfect and just for YOU!  You can pick any caliber YOU WANT or even one you dreamed up!  How about a 17 Flintstone or a 6 MM-300 Aye?  YOU can pick the barrel taper and the length, if you want a 20 inch barrel on a 300 Ultra Mag., YOU CAN HAVE IT! On the other end, you can have a 30 inch long barrel on a 243, IF YOU WANT IT!  The stock can be made any color and the metal finish can be bright blue or even pink Teflon.  You can have it engraved with all the fancy scroll work or just with your favorite nickname.  YOU CAN HAVE IT YOUR WAY and that is the BEST reason to have a Custom Rifle made!  So . . . how about bigger tires and custom wheels on my new truck?

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  1. That is really nice that if you get a custom rifle they take the time to fit a customer to a rifle, so you will have a perfect fit. I know my husband has been considering getting a custom rifle made. If he could get one that fit like a glove, I bet he would be really happy about it. Thank you for the information!

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