Infinity Guarantee

It took over three decades to perfect these firearms . . . 

What does that mean?

Each firearm crafted by MG Arms, Inc. is a culmination of years of experience, dedication to detail, and love for the art of fine gun making. Only the best parts and components are used in the process. Extensive inspection and testing are performed before any MG Arms firearm is released into to our customers.

It means every firearm is born from a passion to create the finest, most reliable firearm you can own.

It means every gun is crafted with such fanatical attention to detail, it is expected to last generations.

As hunters ourselves, they are symbols of what we expect from our own guns, and what we expect from the firearms we produce each and every day for you.

This is why MG Arms proudly stands behind each firearm they engineer. Enclosed with each MG Arms firearm is our Infinity Guarantee. You, our customer, can anticipate 100% satisfaction and complete assurance of quality and reliability with your purchase of our product. The Infinity Guarantee solely covers an MG Arms firearm, not only the original owner. No other firearms maker can offer more than this simple, no-nonsense statement by MG Arms, Inc. to their customers.