THE Long-Range Tactical Rifle
That’s Wailin’ and Screamin’ for Action. 

When it comes to creating the ultimate long-range tactical rifle, the folks at MG Arms are your go-to source. Not one, but two versions to choose from; each with a whole bunch of options.

Caliber:Choice of Caliber from .223-.338 Lapua
• .338 Lapua $200 additional
1Action:Blueprinted Remington® Action
Additional options available:
• Stiller action upgrade $800 additional
• Left-handed +$300 (limited availability)
2Bolt Handle:Large tactical bolt handle
3Barrel:Cryogenically treated stainless steel National Match™ fluted barrel
Banshee - super heavyweight
Banshee Classic - midweight
Suppressor ready
4Trigger:Custom trigger set at 2½ lbs.
5Muzzle Brake:Optional. Threaded for easy removal, each rifle includes a thread protector when shooting without muzzle break
6Stock: Banshee - Fully adjustable varmint weight fiberglass stock
Banshee Classic - Lightweight M40 style fiberglass stock
7Scope Base:Banshee - 20 MOA Picatinny scope base
Detachable 5 shot magazine
9Finish:Choice of textured stock finish. Choice of PTFE or Cerakote® finish
Accuracy:Guaranteed Accuracy – .5 MOA* (*Depending on Caliber)
Extras: One Box Custom Ammunition
Banshee Classic: Flat Dark Earth Cerakote® with Dark Forest Camo Stock Finish.
Banshee: Black Cerakote® and Military Green Camo Stock Finish

Banshee Classic – $3405
Banshee – $3950