The MGA Firepower Beast. . . When Size Matters!

MG Arms goes long-range and tactical with the new .50-caliber semi-automatic Behemoth. 
Taking the .50 BMG to a whole new level.

Charcoal Camo Finish

Caliber:.50 BMG Caliber
1Receiver:Fully machined 17-4 stainless steel lower receiver
2Barrel:Stainless steel Match Grade barrel with skip line fluting. Choice of barrel lengths: 24”, 29”, or 31”
3Stock:Fully adjustable skeletonized butt stock
4Handrail:Picatinny style handrail with keymods
5Trigger:Custom 5 lb. single stage trigger
6Muzzle Brake:Newly designed muzzle brake reduces recoil and muzzle blast
7Magazine:Five shot detachable magazine
Accuracy:Guaranteed accuracy – Sub-MOA
Extras: One box custom ammunition

Behemoth $12,200