The World’s Lightest, Ultra-reliable Single Action Revolver

The DragonFly is the “Lightest” large caliber single-action revolver available today, weighing only 21 oz. It is the perfect revolver to carry all the time; great for backpacking and hiking, for speed shooting fun, and as a personal sidearm when hunting in the field. The DragonFly is a combination of Old School design and Modern Technology for lightweight dependability and accuracy. Limited Production of 25 revolvers per year.

Caliber:Available calibers: .32 H&R Mag.,
.38 +P Special, and .44 Special
Barrel:Titanium sleeved barrel
Sights:Adjustable Rear Sight
Trigger:Tuned trigger set at 21/2 lbs.
Cylinder:Titanium 6 shot cylinder | Half Cock Loading
Finish:PTFE or Cerakote® Metal Finish
Hand Grip:Many color and grip combinations available
Accuracy:Accuracy Guaranteed
Extras:20 Rounds of custom loaded ammo
Barrel porting optional

Dragonfly $1295