The Optimum Handgun for the Ultimate Handgunner

Elevate your hunting experience to a new level with the DragonSlayer revolver. The DragonSlayer is the perfect hunting handgun producing enough killing power for the largest and most dangerous game animals in the world while weighing in at 36 oz. Limited Production of 25 revolvers per year.

Caliber:Available calibers: .45 Colt+P, .454 Casull,
.475 Linebaugh, .500 Linebaugh
Barrel:Available in different lengths from 4½” - 10”
Sights:Adjustable Sights or Scope Mounts
(Customers Choice)
Trigger:Finely tuned trigger set at 2½ lbs.
Cylinder:5-Shot Cylinder
Finish:Choice of Teflon or Ceramic Finish
Hand Grip:Many color and grip combinations available
Accuracy:Accuracy Guaranteed
Extras:20 Rounds of custom loaded ammo
Barrel porting optional

Dragonslayer $1895